Gaj Mandir Udaipur
Rajasthan is one of the 26 states that, along, with seven union territories forms the republic of India. Located in the north-west, it shares its borders with Punjab, Hariyana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and and Gujarat and an international borders with Pakistan. 
Complete Rajasthan Tours
Duration- 9N/10Days
Golden Triangle Tours
Duration- 2N/3Days
Golden Triangle Tours
Duration- 4N/5Days
Exotic Rajaputana Tours
Duration- 14N/15Days
Rajasthan Palaces Tours
Duration- 17N/18Days
The Sanctuary Experience
Duration- 4N/5Days
Pushkar Fair Tours
Duration- 2N/3Days
Nagaur & Desert Festival
Duration- 5N/6Days
The Royal Kitchen
Duration- 7N/8Days
Village Tourism & Heritage
Duration- 5N/6Days
Village Tourism in the Desert
Duration- 5N/6Days
Rural Paradise Tours
Duration- 22N/23Days
Elephant Safari Tours
Duration- 4N/5Days
Camel Safari Tours
Duration- 7N/8Days
Jeep Safari Tours
Duration- 4N/5Days
Palace on Wheels Tours
Duration- 7N/8Days
Religious Rajasthan Yatra
Duration- 12N/13Days
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 Yoga, Nature Cure and
 Meditation Centres
 Heritage Hotels
 Hotels in Rajasthan
 Religious & Pilgrimages
 Nature of Eco -Wildlife


Duration- 12N/13 Days

A wonderful way to see Rajasthan is to visit its many pilgrimage centers and temples many of them close to palace of important tourist interest

Day 1: Arrive Bikaner from Shekhawati / Delhi Visit its camel breeding farm and the jain temple one of the oldest in the  rajastahn Bihari and rasik Shiromani.

Day 2 : Morning visit Junagarh fort afternoon excursion to Desknoke to Karni Mata's  temple  extraordinary because it offers sanctuary to rats in its shrine.

Day 3 Drive to Jaisalme visiting Kolayat with its temples and Pokaran's Ramdevishrine.

Day 4 : Sightseeing at Jaisalmer including the Jain temples within the fort and at Lodurva.

Day 5 Drive to Jodhpur en route visiting the temples of Osian , and sightseeing in the city

Day 6 : Sightseeing at Mehrangarh and then drive to Ranakpur with its magnificently carved temples.

day 7 : Drive to Udaipur en route visiting the temples of Mahavira at Ghanerao and the shrine of Charbhuja, Nathdwara and Eklingi 

Day 8 :  Sightseeing in Udiapur including the Jagdish temple.

Day 9 : Drive to Pushkar with its Brahma and hundreds of other temples and Ajmer with its popular dargah the meeting point for Muslims form all over the country.

Day 10 : Drive to Jaipur, Sightseeing in the city and visits to the temples of govind Devji Ganeshji and Galtaji

Day 11 : Morning sightwseeing at Amber including the temple of Jagat Shiromani' afternoon drive to karauli

Day 12 : Short excursion to Kaila Devi temple a popular palace of pilgrimage for people from all over Rajasthan and the neighboring states. Tour ends with drive to Agra Bharatpur.

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