Rajasthan is one of the 26 states that, along, with seven union territories forms the republic of India. Located in the north-west, it shares its borders with Punjab, Hariyana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and and Gujarat and an international borders with Pakistan. 
Complete Rajasthan Tours
Duration- 9N/10Days
Golden Triangle Tours
Duration- 2N/3Days
Golden Triangle Tours
Duration- 4N/5Days
Exotic Rajaputana Tours
Duration- 14N/15Days
Rajasthan Palaces Tours
Duration- 17N/18Days
The Sanctuary Experience
Duration- 4N/5Days
Pushkar Fair Tours
Duration- 2N/3Days
Nagaur & Desert Festival
Duration- 5N/6Days
The Royal Kitchen
Duration- 7N/8Days
Village Tourism & Heritage
Duration- 5N/6Days
Village Tourism in the Desert
Duration- 5N/6Days
Rural Paradise Tours
Duration- 22N/23Days
Elephant Safari Tours
Duration- 4N/5Days
Camel Safari Tours
Duration- 7N/8Days
Jeep Safari Tours
Duration- 4N/5Days
Palace on Wheels Tours
Duration- 7N/8Days
Religious Rajasthan Yatra
Duration- 12N/13Days
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Duration- 4N/5 Days

Remember that on jeep safaris you are unlikely to be driving on well developed road and may often venture into the open countryside.  

Jeep safaris can be fun because the pace can be varied to suit one's needs packing in days of fast traveling with leisurely camping, Safari outfits send a race team ahead for picnic lunches, and for setting up camps in the open.

Alternates can be to stay in a choice of heritage hotels that dot the vast regions of the desert.

The driver is well vesed on the routes, and is adept at for wheel drive to which he may need to resort on different occaciaons, some route are simply outlined as suggested below.

OPTON 1 : A six day trip beginning in Bikaner and halting at overnight camps at Dhumpaliya Samrau Jamaniya ki Dhani Jaisalmer town and Bainsra village, En route you will se peacocks deer and demoiselle cranes in their hundreds at kheechan Tour concludes at Chabha from where there highway connects with Jodhpur 

OPTION 2 A round trip from Jaisalmer it includes setting out  for Moolsagar Khuri and Devikot on the first day and to Lodurva Dam Kanoi and Kuldhara on the second, before returning to this desert citadel.

OPTION 3 A three day trip from Jodhpur iva Bhadrajun Daspan and Sirohi where accommodation is arranged, The terrain changes from sandy tracts to green hills and the villages en route are picturesque, Tour culminates on the highway connection with mount abu or udaipur

OPTION 4 : Get out of Jaipur for a three day safari begnning past Sanganer airport and including in its range Kanota Dhola Bhandarej Gumna lake Khawa and Sawai Madhopur where the tour culminates the most exciting park of the safari can be traversing hilly tracks and dry river beds.

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