Rajasthan is one of the 26 states that, along, with seven union territories forms the republic of India. Located in the north-west, it shares its borders with Punjab, Hariyana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and and Gujarat and an international borders with Pakistan. 
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Golden Triangle Tours
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Rajasthan Palaces Tours
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The Sanctuary Experience
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Pushkar Fair Tours
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Nagaur & Desert Festival
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The Royal Kitchen
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Village Tourism & Heritage
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Village Tourism in the Desert
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Elephant Safari Tours
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Camel Safari Tours
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Religious Rajasthan Yatra
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Romance of the Rail

There is simply on better way to see Rajasthan than by rail, Easch destination is conveniently connected with the oter, there are overnighters as well as day trains, and because there are not busy commericial routes there is little chance of being delayed That is the sheer practical side of the arrangements, but on the other, there is the chaos, colur and confusion on the trains that is so amazingly interesting. Women sit in groups therir faces veiled, as they bring railway carriages to bloom with bursts of colour mendicants move up and down the aisles men puff at biris the leaf warapped smokes they enjoy while gazing out at the scenery outside.

Palace on Wheels - Exterior
The railways in Rajasthan were privately owned by the maharajas.For people cut off from the rest of their own state, the railways became a link to a life that they could not even begin to imagine, So far the camel had truly been the ship of the desert, but now they had an iron monster that wheezed and puffed but carried them across in increasing comfort at a small price, The princes on their part, attempted to build as many railway stations as they could, so that the hinterlands of the desert were no longer neglected, Which is why when you sit in your carriage and look out at the dunes, the spread of fields, the silhouse ttes of camels as they plough furrows through the sand, at childeren playing a rudimentary game of cricket by the tracks and at women gathered at village wells you cannot stations which the trains whiz through.

Palace on Wheels - Restaurant S
ince the princely kingdoms that make up Rajasthan invested  in their own railways lines, making rail travel convenient by the early years of this century, it is not surprising that the network of tracks is particularly well established,

It also meant that to link with palaces in Rajastha, passengers had to terminate their journeys at some mid-point (usually Delhi) and transfer from broad gauge trains to its metre gauge network, which was proving an irritant.

There are airconditioned and not-airconditioned classes of travel and obviously those  airconditioned are better, even though they're more insular. Both have first and second classes, and airconditioned berths come with bed linen. Use bathrooms in most general trains only if you must and carry your own toilet kit.

Palace on Wheels Tours Itinerary
Duration- 7N/8Days

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